Thursday, 8 December 2011

app v for mindjet mindmanager

Type :- App v  (contains add in and drivers, hence app v can only be done without them)

Issues :-
1) installs PDF writer (driver)
2) contains add ins
3) Dictionary function error

Solution and key points :-

1)MindManager  when installed with default settings with admin privileges, installs a printer (PDF-Xchange 3.0).

On installing the source with custom settings, we are able to disable the feature for the PDF-Xchange.
And the source works fine .
The function of Export to PDF has been removed by disabling the feature of pdf writer.

2) User\%Sft_Sid%\Software\Mindjet\MindManager\8\Custom Dictionary\

3) These keys had data for a Custom Dictionary ("custom.dic") in User's App.Data folder.
Removed this data and set the number of dictionaries to "0", with "MindManager.dic" as Current.

4) contains add ins for microsoft office (excel , word, powerpoint) , hence we need to create a shortcut of the excel , word, powerpoint to load the add ins and have their functionality in virtual package


  1. How do you manage Addin to Outlook (create additional shortcut?). Mindjet also installing addin to outlook & thats the only addin we need.

    1. Yes you will have to create a shortcut to "OUTLOOK.exe" .
      When you launch this shortcut, the add-in for outlook will automatically load.
      If you do not have shortcuts for the rest of the add-ins, they wont be loaded.

  2. Is it possible locally installed office applications to load add in

    1. yes , we need to have shortcuts to that office application.
      When we launch these shortcuts, it loads the add-in files along with office application from virtual bubble.

    2. How to create shortcuts for outlook. I created outlook shortcut but still unable to use outlook add-in

    3. Hello,

      The shortcut you create will point to the outlook installed on your local machine and pass the add-in as argument.
      This should work.

  3. Hi, Thanks for your post. i have couple of questions. How did you handle licensing for MindManger in AppV. Can I still work with online licensing?

    1. Hello,

      I added the license during the installation itself. What is the issue?

    2. I did try that. During sequecining, first launch I Mindmanager for online activation which was sucessful. However when the package is delivered and a new user tests it, it complains that the application hasn't been activated.

    3. Hi,

      Activation needs to be done at the user's end. I just tested this application without activation (as requested).

      Did you try without adding the license?

  4. Okay will give that a go.

    The licensing information is held under the following keys:


    and another key

    HKLM->Software->Microsoft->SLP Services

    1. Okay, give it a try and let me know in case there is still an issue.

  5. Hi Nikhil,

    Still no luck with activation.
    I think the problem is that licensing information is held in HKLM.
    And streaming the application from a XenApp farm means the application is possibly streamed to a different server each time and it cant find the local machine keys.

    I have been on the phone to support and they said they version 8 is not supported for streaming.

    How did your activation and licensing work. do you have the appv package streamed to the same desktop every time?

    1. Hey,

      I don't remember the version i worked on, but was 9.
      If the application does not support streaming then it is always advisable to take higher version.
      We did not do the activation of license. and streaming was tried on several machines. I had issues with add-ins, never faced an issue with the license.

      Note from me:- Mindjet manager should ideally be an MSI candidate. Since it has add-ins and also PDFxchange (driver). MSI will give you full functionality.

    2. Yes. Its confirmed version 8 cannot be streamed via Citrix due to the per user licensing model. The registry key it generates is tied down to a user and the computer it registers on and so does not work when run from another server in the Citrix farm.

      Anyway the good news is version 2012 is a candidate for streaming. I have sucessfully been able to sequence and run it.

      Thanks for all your help Nikhil

    3. Hey, that's good.
      I hope everything worked fine in 2012
      You are always welcome

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