App v for Java Runtime Environment

Application Type :- App V

Issues :-
JRE when present on local and virtual load the local version. Hence we need to make the virtual version to work.

Resolution and key notes:-

Procedure followed for the sequencing of this application
1) take clean sequencing machine (NO JRE(ANY VERSION) INSTALLED)
2) install JRE 1.6 locally on sequencing machine
3) launch "App-V Sequencer"
4) Click "Begin Monitoring"
5) during monitoring open "appwiz.cpl" and uninstall JRE 1.6
6) run the command from cmd "shutdown -r -t 0" to complete uninstallation of JRE 1.6
7) App-V sequencer captures the restart.  Just stop monitoring and start monitoring (to complete restart process)
8)  Now install the JRE 1.4 (during monitoring)
9) After completion of intallation create shorcut pointing to "iexplorer.exe"
10) Stop monitoring and save the captured sequence.
Test the sequence package with
Packge works fine in both user and admin without any conflict with local JRE installed
Internet shortcut be created for the JRE files of this version to be loaded


  1. Hi Nikhil,

    Currently working on a AppV package having JRE6 Update27 dependency and also package having some JAVA components, while installing the same thru sccm it doesnot installs but while doing the same manually thru powershel at the time of publishing showing error like below pls suggest.

    Publish-AppvClientPackage : Application Virtualization Service failed to

    complete requested operation.

    Operation attempted: Publish AppV Package.

    Windows Error: 0x80004005 -

    Error module: Integration Manager. Internal error detail: 5C00122180004005.

    Please consult AppV Client Event Log for more details.

    At line:1 char:1

    + Publish-AppvClientPackage -Name

    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : InvalidResult: (:) [Publish-AppvClientPackage],


    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : PublishPackageError,Microsoft.AppV.AppvClientPow


    1. Hey,

      are you installing multiple versions of JRE on the build. This recipe is used when you want to virtualize an older version of JRE and build already has a new version of JRE

    2. No, But Only one version (JRE6 Update27), and also my application having some JRE components, Have you any idea of handling JAVA component in AppV 5.0 Sequencer.

  2. HI Nikhil,

    Thank you for your post on sequencing Java with App-V 5.0. I have sequenced Java 1.6_20 as per your directions and also in a regulsr way. But when I launch the IE on the client it is asking me for Admin Rights just for the first time. Do you know anything about this? I sequenced the same eith 4.6 which works fine on 4.6 client but when I convert it, it again asks me for Admin Rights. Please let me know. I am stuck as I am new to App-v 5.0.

    1. Hey,

      Did you try launching the app during the sequencing ?
      Check that way once.

      If that is not working, try the following in the OSD in the shortcut, ideally this works for admin privileges



  3. Hi,

    can someone please help with sequencing of java 1.7 with app v 4.6? i have been able to do sequence package of 1.6 but 1.7 does not work for me.



    1. did you try sequencing with the above method.

  4. Hi Nikhil mehta,

    I created virtual package with APPV5.0 for JRE1.6.45 on windows 7 and i created shorcut pointing iexplorer.exe.
    I had a problem when i launch shorcut because he ask me admin rights for change parameters ?

    Can you help me thank you.

    1. Hey,

      Did you use the same method for virtualization as mentioned?
      What is the version present on the build?

  5. Hi Nikhil,

    I apply same method of your process
    In fact i would like sequencing java 1.6.45 from Windows 7 64bits with jre 1.7.21 on local machine.
    So first time when i launch sequencing i remove java on machine means java jre1.7.21 after that i install java 1.6.45 and i created shorcut to pointing iexplorer.exe from ProgramFiles (X86).
    Finally i stop monitoring and install virtual package appv JRE1.6.45 on other machine with same parameters ( java on local mahine is 1.7.21).
    But when i launch shorcut i receive same message of admin rights?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Install and uninstall 1.7.21 during sequencing
      Do not launch while sequencing

  6. Hi Nikhil,

    I tried your solution but it s not working.
    In fact i think i don't have permission for create object when i launched shorcut.
    I tried solution with this link :
    but it s same problem nothing changed.
    When i clic properties of this shorcut i don't have permission for writing.??

    Thank you again for your help.

    1. Hey,

      I am not sure but i guess it is the issue with the sequencer then. Heard this version of sequencer had issue with other apps as well.
      If i have any solution to this problem i will let you know

  7. Hi Floks,

    Plase help me, How to slove above mentiened issuse..


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