Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Enabling Microsoft subsytem for UNIX application

Issue :- Enabling the Microsoft subsytem for UNIX application through MSI application

Resolution and Notes:-
The option tenable this feature can be enabled by opening control panel with admin rights.
Select programs --> Programs and features.
On left pane you can find the option of turn on or off windows features.
There you can see a list, in which an option to enable this feature is available.

This feature  is useful for compiling and running custom UNIX-based applications on a computer running a Windows server-class operating system. You can make your UNIX applications fully interoperable with Windows in SUA with little or no change to your original source code.

 Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications provides an operating system for Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) processes. SUA, along with its package of support utilities (such as shells and a Telnet client) available for download on the Microsoft Web site, provides a complete UNIX environment. The download package includes a comprehensive set of scripting utilities, and a software development kit (SDK) designed to fully support the development capabilities of SUA and to provide a complete UNIX-based application development experience.

To enable this feature through command line use the following steps

1  Open a command prompt window. To open a command prompt window, click Start, click in the Start Search text box, type cmd and then press ENTER. A Command Prompt shortcut may also be available on the Start menu.

  2  Change directories to %windir%\system32.
    Example: The current directory is C:\Documents and Settings\user_name.
    Type cd ..\..\Windows to change to the C:\Windows directory.

  3 Enter the following command:
        start /w pkgmgr /iu:SUA

  4 If a User Account Control dialog box opens , click Continue.
Installation is complete when the command window displays a %windir%\system32 prompt on a new line.

This will give you a restart prompt. To disable this prompt use switch /norestart.
Eg  cmd /c start /w pkgmgr /iu:SUA /norestart
or dism.exe /online /norestart /enable-feature /ignorecheck /featurename:"SUA" (in deferred mode)

For uninstall the feature use
cmd /c start /w pkgmgr /uu:SUA /norestart
or dism.exe /online /norestart /disable-feature /ignorecheck /featurename:"SUA" (in deferred mode)

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