Sunday, 13 November 2011

App v for Apple Quicktime

Packaging type : App V

Issues :- Updates issues manual as well as automatic updates

Resolution and key notes :-

The automatic updates for the package has been disabled for the product.
But There is an update option in the help menu through which the product can be updated. The File responsible for this is QuickTimeStreaming.qtx
Location :- Asset Directory\QTSystem\QuickTimeStreaming.qtx

On removing this file these manual updates can be disabled but at the same time the streaming functionality is also disabled.

Since it is affecting the functionality of the package the manual update feature form help menu has been retained.The Quictime player Preference option(Edit>Preference>Quicktime Prefernce) has been disabled,Since on accessing the same it throws an error stating the QuickTime Control Panel applet is not installed correctly.

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