Sunday, 13 November 2011

MSI for Galileo Desktop 2.4

Application Type :- MSI

Issue :-
For this application the files get installed to the c:\CV Folder. This was retained as with client confirmation . This MSI installs many folders which the exe (Source) does not install. IP configuration needs to be done.Database reminder prompt needs to be disabled

Resolution and key notes :-

The source is a setup file which extracts the vendor MSi to the temp location.This vendor MSI has a very different structure than that one which setup installs.
Also there are no dialogues when we install the MSI file.
To obtain the same folder structure as that of the source we tried changing the directory manually, but that did not work.
Hence we decided to take a setup capture of this application.

The updates for the package have been disabled by adding a property "ShowDatabaseReminder=0", under user options section in VIEWPT.INI.

The client identification and ip configuurations are passed through win.ini file

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