Friday, 27 January 2012

Boss Quattro 6.1 MSI

Type :- MSI

Issues :-

1) Source is a EXE which launches 2 seprate executables and before the second executable (for license) , it launches an MSI.
Sequence is of source installation is as follows
a) main executable
b) MSI (which installs the nutcracker service)
c) License executable (Samtech license)

2) Application could not find the license , giving an error "SAMCEF.CLE " not found.

Solution :-
1) I first installed the MSI (nutcracker service gets installed through this MSI ). Various MSIs are available as for differnt OS (Present under exec\oe\nutc).
then i captured the remaining two executables.

2)On launching the shortcut which points to Boss.bat , a command prompt opens and further a window which asks to START BOSS. on selecting this option if license is not set it gives the error "SAMCEF.CLE " not found.
The license for the application is set by a environment variable "SAMCEF_LICENSE_PATH".
When the license is not set , the application searches for the file "SAMCEF.CLE" in the bin folder.
If not found it will give an error that "SAMCEF.CLE" not found.
Environment variable did not get captured on win 7 machine using the Installshield.
Environment variable needs to be manually created.

Also the application has firewall exception on Windows XP machine.

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