Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sequencing applications that require a reboot

If you've ever tried sequencing an application that has an installation program that requires a reboot you may have run into this dilemma - How do you restart the computer if you're running the sequencer to capture the installation actions?  While on the surface this may appear impossible, we've actually made accommodations for applications like this.

If an application requests a valid restart, click Stop Monitoring to enable SoftGrid Sequencer to process the restart tasks. After the restart tasks are complete, click Start Monitoring, and then click Install Again to continue to install the application if you have to. If the application installer prompts you to restart, click Yes. Many applications unnecessarily request a restart.Sequencer will be on and only the processes will restart.
This gives the application the required restart without actually doing it.

Also we can run the command from cmd "shutdown -r -t 0", which is on the same lines as that of stop monitoring and begin monitoring.

PS:- when sequencing is on, it will not allow the machine restart . it will just restart the processes.

With that said, you should sequence as much as possible in a single pass of the Install Phase. Do not click Stop Monitoring after each installer unless the application requires a reboot. There is no reason to click Continue Monitoring to reenter the Install Phase unless a reboot task is required.

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